Christmas for the Miller Family

Contrarians – we’ve been invited to help provide a great Christmas for the Miller family. See the note below from Gayle Walker. This could be a great way to show that may be contrarians, but we aren’t grinches! What do you think? We’ll talk about it Sunday. Peace, Kendra


Dear Friends, 

I am writing to invite your church school class to participate in providing Christmas for the Miller family whom Idlewild has been partnering with since August.

We would like to provide gifts for the 6 children (ages 5-14) and the mother. This is an exceptional family that was stable until the mother developed a serious 

heart/lung illness in 2007 which placed her on %100 disability, and the father lost his employment during the recent recession. They are making great strides to find their balance in this new life situation.

The children are in school at Brewster, Lester and Central. They are excellent and committed students. Two of the children are involved in Idlewild’s basketball program and one serves at MTAM. 

We are asking a class commitment of $150 – 200. Please find the guidelines in the attachment. If your class chooses to participate, please let me know on Monday, December 10, and Margaret Burnett will email you the name of the child/mother whom you will sponsor and the gifts that have been identified for him/her. You may want

to recruit a shopping team this Sunday so they can get the gifts before Sunday 16. The wrapped gifts are due Wed, Dec 19. 

Thank you for your consideration. Please call me with your questions, 652-4373.

Advent blessings, Gayle



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