Bill Burnett – "In Life and in Death, We Belong to God."

Contrarians – many of you will remember that Bill and Sonia used to be regular participants in our class. They’ve not been able to attend for the past few years, but have always stayed close in our hearts. Please keep Sonia in your prayers in the days to come.

William L. “Bill” Burnett, Jr. died at home Sunday evening, October 7, 2012. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, October 11 at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. After the service, interment will be in the columbarium followed by family visitation in the T.K. Young Room.

Bill and his wife Sonia came to Idlewild in 1983. He was an ordained elder, had been active with Global Missions, Children’s Ministry and Congregational Care, and sang in the Adult Choir for many years. Bill lived “loving God through service,” said Sonia. He was a retired junior high teacher and was committed to serving people around the world as a ham radio operator. 

Our prayers are with Sonia, their son Tim and daughter-in-law Melissa, and their grandchildren. 

Blessed are those who die in the Lord.

NOTE TO ELDERS: If you are attending the service, please meet in the narthex 15 minutes before the service.



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