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Helloooooo??? Anybody out there?

Hello Contrarians,

Long time, no see. I’ve missed ya’ll and am eager to get back into the rhythm of Sunday School. We don’t officially start until September 9, the Sunday after Labor Day, but if you want to get a jump on the year, join us next Sunday, September 2 in the Harlan room for the last of the summer sessions.

Our topic for next week is “Taking Genesis Seriously.” We’ll be looking at Genesis 1 and 2 and why we shouldn’t read them literally. Here’s the blurb:

Genesis 1-3 is a great story. Actually, it’s two great stories — two of the greatest stories ever told. These are stories about how a people in bondage resisted the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. They are comedies about why people get married and explorations about what it means to be civilized. Genesis 1 and 2 are great stories, but they have nothing to do with science. The authors of these accounts did not care about the process through which God made us. They cared about what it meant to be the people of God. If we take the Bible seriously, then we must learn to let it be what it is rather than forcing it to be what we expect. Taking Genesis seriously means that we do not take it literally. 

Hope to see you soon.




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