Happy Summer! What shall we do next?

Thanks, everyone, for a delightful year together. When you have time to think about it, please leave a comment below about what you’d like to do next year.


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One response to “Happy Summer! What shall we do next?

  1. cherfalls

    <font color=’black’ size=’2′ face=’arial’>Thank you for a great year, Kendra! Sorry we missed the last two sessions. We hope you and Matt have a great summer in the mountains. Paul might be an interesting study for contrarians. But if you &nbsp;will be teaching something next year that could be adapted for our class, that would be great too. You keep your students thinking, and do the same for us. Again, have a fun–and restful—summer. <div><br> </div> <div><br> <br> <div style="clear:both">Cherry and Camile</div> <br> <br> <div style="font-family:helvetica,arial;font-size:10pt;color:black"></div></div>

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