Maunday Thursday Sermon

Several people have asked me for a copy of the Maundy Thursday sermon. It wasn’t recorded, and I didn’t have a manuscript for the sermon since we wanted to do a More than a Meal style service. Those sermons are carefully planned, but unscripted. 

I was asked on Sunday if I could re-preach it into a tape recorder, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that without a congregation. (I felt silly — and you know that silliness is just not in my nature!) I thought I might be able to write out some of it though. I didn’t make a manuscript in advance, but I thought maybe I could use the outline I had scratched out to conjure up some of the words.

Here’s my best effort. The result is wholly inadequate. A fixed literary approximation of an ephemeral oral event. My dogs have been listening to me try try out words for the better part of an hour! As you’ll see, the grammar is as horrible on the page as it was on delivery. Let sentence fragments abound! 




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  1. minnat3

    Kendra, thanks so much for posting this. Can’t remember if if was exactly what you said, but it was very familiar and mighty good. Several people who don’t hear you regularly at MTAM are now hooked!One of the reasons for my faith in the Resurrection is that these lonely, terrified, bitterly ashamed followers of Jesus became capable of taking his message to the world, at tremendous cost to themselves.Minna

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