A [Slightly Edited] Message from the ad hoc Space Committee

As all of you know, the Covenant Conversation class (aka Contrarians) has been dealing with the gift and curse of [being] the best darned Sunday School [class] in the USA – and the class size has grown to a point that fitting everyone in 302W – while being true to “Conversation ” in our class title – has become a challenge. 

Those of you who were in class on Sunday know that our tables had been relocated to the Harlan Room to accommodate a workshop there.  This had the added benefit of eliminating one seating configuration option from our list.   

While that workshop has concluded, the Biumvirate Space Committee of Daniel Edwards and me – after consulting with our Contrarian master (Kendra) and the Idlewild staff – has decided that, at least for the next Sunday, we should go to our tables instead of our tables coming to us. 

Therefore, this Sunday, February 5. the Covenant Conversation Class will meet in the Harlan Room.  True to our nickname, not everyone will be happy with this – but, it’s an experiment.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll explore other options, including returning to 302W with other tabled scenarios. Therefore, we appreciate your patience as we deal with the scourge of success. 

Contrarily yours, 



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  1. jrichardbaker

    I heard an earful after class this mornning about the Harlan Room and its configuations. Unfortuntately, not everyone could hear equally well during class. There are challenges with such a large room with a high ceiling and less than good acoustics. Rather than giving up and fleeing with our tables between our legs back to 302W, we’ll try working with the Harlan space – at least for a few more weeks. I have not a chance to speak with Daniel Edwards yet, but here are some suggestions liberally borrowed from some of you:- Make Kendra a rock star (mike her like Madonna)- Encourage each other to speak up- Kendra has agreed to briefly repeat questions & comments for everyone’s benefitDaniel noticed that folks tended to occupy the center tables first. These, no doubt, offer the best spots for hearing from all corners. A couple of thoughts:- We can try to put more tables in the center – angled a bit so to maximize the sense of community and minimze the back of the head staring.- Those who have the hearing of my mother are encouraged to first fill up the ourside tables – leaving the inside tables as priority seating for those of us who are more auditorily challenged.This is just the beginning of looking for a space solution. Please keep those comments and ideas oming. Whatever the ultimate result, possibly no one will be happy and Daniel and I will be cast out into the darkness, but we’ll all know that we still have the best Sunday School class there is.

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